The Trial Of Ian Watkins Continues

Ian Watkins

Ian Watkins has strenuously denied all the charges he has been faced with and released a statement regarding his alleged pedophilia at the preliminary hearing of his trial. Read the full version here.

Ian Watkins

So back in December out of nowhere Ian Watkins and two unnamed women were arrested on charges of being suspected paedophiles and running some kind of horrible paedophile ring. I was kinda shocked to begin with and wasn’t really sure if I believed it because I mean that’s pretty OUT THERE right? In the original draft of something I wrote it like I kinda hoped he was innocent, but then when I found that one of the charges he was being accused of was conspiracy to rape a baby I was like WTF, how could you even charge someone with that unless you had a shit ton of evidence against them so I pretty much figured he had to be guilty. He appeared in court in December and the trial was adjourned until March sometime, with Ian Watkins being remanded in custody.

I meant to find out when it was due to start up again because I’m kinda interested to see how it all ends up, but I didn’t actually bother to find the date at all. It turns out it was today. And as is the case with most court cases over here – unlike in South Africa where Oscar Pistorius’ trial seemed to start almost instantly – nothing really happened and it got adjourned again, this time until June.

However, in June it WILL take place and promises to be a completely gross three weeks of hearing illicit details of Ian Watkins’s private conversations with these two girls and their plans to rape a baby. I wouldn’t say I was looking forward to it but I’m probably gonna be interested to see how it unfolds and what exactly ends up happening to Ian Watkins, and perhaps more importantly to the LostProphets. 

Anyway, today was a snooze fest. Ian Watkins appeared on a video feed and denied all the charges again. One of the women (neither of them can be named for legal reasons) appeared on the video feed and one of them appeared in court too and they both denied all the charges too. I don’t really know what goes on at a preliminary hearing – which is what this was – but there were some problems and the video feed screwed up so they had to cut it short and reschedule it for some time in May. The date of the trial was also set as June 15th – which is incidentally when I’m going to a high school reunion, so you know mark that date in your diary for a couple of reasons – and that was pretty much it. Boring.

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Even less interesting than this was the bland statement issued by Watkins’s lawyers who have said that their client aims to ‘furiously deny’ the charges. Here’s what it had to say: ‘He intends to fight to the bitter end to clear his name. He wishes to thank the fans, family and friends for the constant love and support they have given and continue to give throughout this testing time.’ Yeah, he doesn’t sound guilty from that at all does he? I thought there was a Lost Prophets song called ‘The Bitter End’ and I was gonna say mad props to the solicitor for getting that reference in but I googled it and there isn’t so I can’t, and now I just look stupid.

Probably the most shocking thing that did happen was that a bunch of teenage girls actually gathered at Cardiff Crown Court where the hearing was held to show their support for Ian Watkins which I can’t quite believe. Like, even if Ian Watkins is found not guilty of this, even for it to go to trial then he has to be some kind of weird sexual deviant so why the hell are these girls still supporting him? I guess that’s just the way nu-metal drags you in huh?

Anyway, come back in June to see where this story goes, but make sure you mentally prepare yourself first because it’s probably going to be fairly horrific.

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