Man Turns Life Savings Into Gold, Dumps It To Keep Wife From Getting It During Divorce

You can’t beat crazy – read about how one man turned his life savings into gold and dumped them in a landfill to keep his wife from getting a penny during their divorce.

52-year-old Colorado man Earl Ray Jones claims he converted $500,000 of his life savings into gold then dumped it all in the trash to prevent his wife of 25 years from seeing a penny in their pending divorce.

“Damn right I did”, said Ray Jones during a meeting with his wife’s stunned divorce lawyer. He says the treasure was thrown in a dumpster behind a Colorado Springs motel last May, which means it’s long gone by now and probably buried under tonnes of rubbish in some landfill somewhere.

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You have to laugh at the idea of this guy saying “damn right I did” in this meeting with his wife and her lawyer. I’m picturing two faces of complete shock and disbelief. There’s no way you’re going to win against a guy who’s crazy enough to turn $500,000 into gold and THROW IT AWAY just so that his ex-wife doesn’t get her hands on it.

Pure insanity, but what a move.

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