A Bunch Of Real Pictures From Hurricane Sandy



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hurricane sandy 8

A bunch of crap floating around in the East Village

hurricane sandy 9

Another submerged subway station

hurricane sandy 10

And another one, although not quite as submerged

hurricane sandy 11

There were a bunch of fires in Queens that destroyed a lot of shit, here’s what it looks like this morning.

hurricane sandy 12

The Battery Park underpass underwater this morning

atlantic city

A washed out Atlantic City last night

hurricane sandy 13

This boat got moved from where it was moored to these train tracks by the flood. Crazy.

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If anyone from New York City/the rest of the East Coast who has been affected by Hurricane Sandy is a regular reader of Sick Chirpse (and still has internet access) then we hope it didn’t fvck you up too badly and that you get back on your feet soon enough. It probably isn’t the best time to ask, but if anyone has any pictures like these from the hurricane (not photoshopped obviously) then mail them over to info@sickchirpse and we’ll stick them up. Hope you’re all doing OK.



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