A Bunch Of Real Pictures From Hurricane Sandy



hurricane sandy featured

I stole these off Buzzfeed which is a pretty reliable site so I’m pretty sure that these pictures are actually of the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has inflicted upon the Eastern Seaboard and not just a load of bullshit photoshopped pictures like the dumbass ones I posted earlier today. Like I said in that post it looks like Hurricane Sandy is a fvcking bitch – Atlantic City is pretty much washed out, it’s caused about $20 billion worth of damage and lost businesses anywhere between $10 – $30 billion, whereas at least 10 people are dead in New York City and it looks like some people might not have power for over a week or something. In short, it’s pretty much a nightmare up there. Here’s a bunch of pictures which illustrate the chaos and destruction over there at the moment:

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hurricane sandy 1

Blackout in NYC.

hurricane sandy 2

Subway Flooded in Hoboken, New Jersey.

hurricane sandy 3

Gentry State Park In Long Island City

hurricane sandy 4

Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn, now floating down the East River.

hurricane sandy 5

Ground Zero getting flooded.

hurricane sandy 6

A fully lit, deserted Times Square at the height of the storm. When the hell is Times Square ever deserted huh? Or not lit up?

hurricane sandy 7

Cars floating in a submerged car park in Manhattan. Ouch.



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