A Bunch Of Real Pictures From Hurricane Sandy

hurricane sandy featured

Hurricane Sandy might not have fucked shit up as badly as in those photoshopped pictures we posted earlier, but it sure has fucked a bunch of shit up. Check out the pics.

hurricane sandy featured

I stole these off Buzzfeed which is a pretty reliable site so I’m pretty sure that these pictures are actually of the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has inflicted upon the Eastern Seaboard and not just a load of bullshit photoshopped pictures like the dumbass ones I posted earlier today. Like I said in that post it looks like Hurricane Sandy is a fvcking bitch – Atlantic City is pretty much washed out, it’s caused about $20 billion worth of damage and lost businesses anywhere between $10 – $30 billion, whereas at least 10 people are dead in New York City and it looks like some people might not have power for over a week or something. In short, it’s pretty much a nightmare up there. Here’s a bunch of pictures which illustrate the chaos and destruction over there at the moment:

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hurricane sandy 1

Blackout in NYC.

hurricane sandy 2

Subway Flooded in Hoboken, New Jersey.

hurricane sandy 3

Gentry State Park In Long Island City

hurricane sandy 4

Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn, now floating down the East River.

hurricane sandy 5

Ground Zero getting flooded.

hurricane sandy 6

A fully lit, deserted Times Square at the height of the storm. When the hell is Times Square ever deserted huh? Or not lit up?

hurricane sandy 7

Cars floating in a submerged car park in Manhattan. Ouch.

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