This Human Slingshot Catapults BASE Jumpers From 0-130 MPH In One Second

Human Slingshot

From 0 to 6 Gs.

Is performing a BASE jump not enough of a rush for you anymore?

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Well don’t worry about that because someone has developed a human slingshot that catapults you from 0-130mph in under one second to begin your jump. That should do the trick as it effectively means you’re taking on over 6Gs as part of the jump. Warp speed pretty much.

The two lucky jumpers are Chris Douggs McDougall and Jimmy Pouchert (apparently world famous in the BASE jumping scene) and the slingshot was made in Dubai with the help of Go Fast Energy and Skydive Dubai:

Fucking epic. Almost as epic as this clear glass slide on top of a skyscraper.


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