If You’re Scared Of Heights This Slide Will Make You Shit Your Pants

Sky slide

No thanks.

Over in LA, a completely unique attraction I’ve never even contemplated before has opened up and if you’re scared of heights then it’s going to absolutely terrify you.

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It’s called the Skyslide and it’s part of the Skyspace renovation in the U.S. Bank Tower. Essentially it’s a 45 foot glass bottomed/walled slide that’s 1000 foot high on the top of the skyscraper. It costs $25 to ride and is opening this Saturday.

To get an idea of what going down it is like, there’s a POV video of a female reporter going down the slide below and also a longer segment featuring Jimmy Kimmel’s bodyguard going down it below that too:

Yeah, to be fair it doesn’t look that scary from the video but I can tell you it’s a weird feeling being up that high and walking across a glass floor, so I imagine that going down a slide is even more terrifying. Don’t blame Guillermo for freaking out, but hey at least he did it. It also looks pretty rapid if you’re not a fat fraidy cat like Guillermo.

Here’s what the reporter Rebecca Fitzgerald said about it:

I went a lot faster than I thought I would.

And you kind of like hit the side as you’re coming around the curve, so you’re really pressed up against the glass, so you see the whole world below you, but it’s not really that scary.

Hmmm. I think I’ll be the judge of that if I ever make it to LA and grow the balls to try it out. Would much rather check out this see through swimming pool right here in London.


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