No One Can Figure Out Why Hull Smells Like ‘Vomit And Manure’


Welcome to Hull.

Despite being a city that is rich with culture, Hull has a reputation for being an absolute sh*thole. Just check out this ‘Insider’s Guide To Hull’ if you don’t believe me.

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To add to its crappy status, Hull residents have been complaining that the East Yorkshire city centre smells like vomit and manure, and no one can figure out why. Apparently the exact same thing happened last summer.

Some people are arguing that the problem is coming from the sewage system, but Yorkshire Water has denied that there are any issues. Hull is prone to flooding, so its sewers tend to retain water, which can lead to smells. Another explanation is that the stench could be caused by manure being used to fertlise the soil, the smell of which is then carried by the wind.

Either way, if you’re living in Hull then it sucks to be you. Sounds like a pretty crappy place to be right now.

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