A Huge Mudslide In Norway Just Dragged Several Houses Into The Sea


Here’s a daily dose of news outside the realms of Coronavirus/Black Lives Matter/Political Turmoil that’s still fucking terrible and indicates that the world is definitely going to hell and we’ll be lucky to make it out of 2020 intact.

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This video comes from over in Norway in some place called Alta, where the Earth has literally become so angry with the population that it’s chosen to drag several houses and loads of land back into the sea via the medium of mud slides. There’s literally no way out:

Thankfully only eight houses were destroyed and nobody was injured, but you’ve gotta think that this is a major bummer for everyone involved in the area. Not really sure who was filming it with a drone instead of going to help or trying to do anything about it, but maybe they’ll be able to buy a new house now with the money they make from the viral video. So 2020 of them.

Point here really though is that everything in the world is going completely nuts and this probably won’t even be a footnote about today when we look back at it, let alone the year itself. Will it ever end?

For more of the same, check out these photos from the Washington mudslide back in 2014. A simpler time.


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