PHOTOS: Washington Mudslide – 14 Killed, 176 Unaccounted For

A massive mudslide hit Washington state this weekend. Here’s some pictures of the devastation it wreaked in the area. Scary stuff.

A land slide hit the small town of Oso, Snohomish County north of Seattle on Saturday and left a trail of carnage in its wake. As it stands there are 176 people unaccounted for and 14 confirmed dead. Search crews have been working 24/7 since the incident. The team has been using laser imaging techniques, rescue dogs and aerial imaging in an effort to track down survivors.

Mudslide - Snohomish County - Oso - rubble

At 11:00am on Saturday morning a 50m tall, 1 mile wide wall of mud slid down from Skaglund Hill and swallowed the town whole. Washington Governor Jay Inslee described the slide from the air as “devastation beyond imagination”. Barry Obama has of course declared a state of emergency and funds are being pumped into the search.

Mudslide - Snohomish County - Oso - rescue

Apparently the mountain above the town basically cut in half and slid down the ravine. Houses were carried hundreds of metres away from where they were built.

Mudslide - Snohomish County - Oso - pray

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