Huge Explosion Causes Building To Collapse In Harlem, New York – Quick Facts

Harlem Explosion/Building Collapse

Things don’t look particularly good over in Harlem, New York right now. Here’s what’s going down.

This happened literally an hour ago and nobody really knows what’s going on about it yet but here are 5 quick bullet points about what’s going down.

We’ll inevitably update you later on with more pictures, conspiracy theories (people are saying it was a gas leak but you know there’s going to be the inevitable terrorist/false flag links) and whatever else we can think of but for now here’s the immediate information and we hope that everyone over there is OK, especially the 11 people (at the moment) that have been hospitalised.

1. At 9:30 a.m. An Explosion Rocked East Harlem

The explosion seems to be coming from 116th Street and Park Avenue. Eye witnesses are saying that the explosion blew out windows on the entire block. Rumours are currently circulating that the explosion was caused by a gas leakage in the area.

2. The Fire Department And Emergency Services Have Responded And Are Currently Surveying The Area

They were quick to respond and are trying to get a handle of the situation.

3. Smoke Is Completely Covering The Area

Here’s some footage from Instagram/Twitter.

4. 11 People Have Currently Been Hospitalised

This was according to ABC news around 10:30am EST.

5. The Place Looks Completely Screwed

Check out some of the pictures below from people using various forms of social media in the area. Although it probably doesn’t affect too many people reading this, the Metro service has also been suspended in and around the area.

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