Huge ‘Emotional Support Peacock’ Denied Seat On Flight To Owner’s Dismay

Emotional Support Peacock

It’s usually fairly rare that someone feels the need to take a pet with them on a plane, but usually if they do then it’s a pretty small dog or cat that can rest on their lap and not really disturb everyone else on the plane. These are usually known in the business as ’emotional support animals’ and their presence helps their owners settle physical, psychiatric, or intellectual disabilities whilst they’re in the air.

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However, this status usually requires a special permit and a special ticket for the privilege, as well as a letter from the vet to ensure that it’s sufficiently trained, 48 hours notice and a special ticket. You can’t just rock up having bought a ticket for an animal and expect it to be let onto the plane, especially when that animal is an absolutely humongous ’emotional support peacock’.

Unfortunately for their owner though that’s exactly what they tried to do and the peacock was denied a seat on the Delta Airlines flight from Newark’s Liberty International Airport. Here’s the official line from the airline itself:

Posted by The Jet Set on Sunday, 28 January 2018

This animal did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size. We explained this to the customers on three separate occasions before they arrived at the airport.

I mean duh, like a peacock is going to be allowed on a plane – that’s surely going to cause everyone involved an unnecessary amount of panic and it’s surely likely to fly around and annoy everyone too. Best part is how the airline told the person three times that they wouldn’t let it on the plane but they still showed up anyway and tried to get it on. Classic case of being delusional and thinking you can get what you want if you just ignore everyone. Rules are rules though in 2o18.

Anyway, at least it made a great story that is pretty much blowing people’s minds this morning. For more airline trouble, check out this story about a man who had to sit next to two fat people on a plane and sued the airline. The pain is real.


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