Huge Effigy Of David Cameron And Dead Pig’s Head To Be Burned For Guy Fawkes Night

#PigGate’s back.

Remember that story about David Cameron getting sexual with a pig’s head back in the Bullingdon days? Of course you do, it wasn’t that long ago, and chances are the image will remain seared into your brain for at least a few more years to come.

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The good people of Lewes remember #PigGate vividly, so they’ve gone and built a giant effigy of David Cameron and his pig just so they can burn it at the annual Lewes Bonfire Celebrations.

Oh yeah, and there’s an effigy of the man who stole football just for good measure:

Looks like David Cameron’s still getting a rough deal on Twitter, following that time the other week where he got completely roasted after Tweeting for the first time following the #PigGate scandal. Don’t worry Dave, it’ll all be forgotten about at some point. Just not any time soon.

Happy Guy Fawkes everyone!


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