How To Kiss A Girl Circa 1916

How To Kiss A Girl

Finally I can find out what I’ve been doing wrong for the past 16 years.

My buddy from way back when posted this on his Facebook the other day. I think it’s because he’s some kind of professor of medieval magic or something and probably spends his time wading through ridiculous old scrolls which is probably how he found this, but I feel like it’s still pretty funny and probably relevant now.

It’s basically some really cool advertorial/infographic from 1916 that tells you how you should kiss a girl and also advertises Listerated Pepsin gum – which I guess was Wrigley’s or Oral B or something back in 1916 before they realised that they had to come up with cool names for products in order to sell them – with all the subtlety of a brick. I just think it’s really cool that stuff like this even existed back then, so I felt like it was worth sharing with everyone here on Sick Chirpse for sure.

And hey, there are probably some nerds out there reading this who have never kissed a girl so that advice might come in handy too.

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How To Kiss A Girl


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