Woman French Kisses Frog In New Online Dating Advert


You can probably guess the hook they’re going for with this, but that doesn’t change it being any less gross and probably not improving business at all.

Wow, this is really gross. I might not be in the advertising industry but I have enough friends who are and I’ve seen enough episodes of Mad Men and The Apprentice and have enough common sense to know that anything that happens in an advert automatically associates the content of the advert with the brand – be it positive or negative. So yeah,  I’m not really sure why anyone would ever have thought it was a good idea to have a woman full on making out with a frog as an advertisement for an online dating site?

I mean it might be KIND OF funny but not really – yeah it’s (not?) really ironic/hip/fun to play up on the whole prince turning into a frog thing and use it to demonstrate just how desperate women are in general, I’m sure a lot of people looking into dating are really going to enjoy that – but surely the very fact that it FEATURES A WOMAN MAKING OUT WITH A FROG is going to harm the brand more than promote it? I mean yeah initially I guess there might be some hype because it’s a gross out scene so a bunch of people might watch it and hear about, but surely nobody is going to actually run to their laptop and sign up to the website on the strength of this advert?

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I mean no women are actually kissing frogs out there (at least I would hope they’re not) in order to try and find a guy so nobody is going to strike this as a revelation and I doubt an advert like this is going to make people think that is the best internet dating site out there, is it? If anything, it’s probably just going to make you think that if you do go on it then you’re gonna be kissing a guy who looks like a frog on your first date. I know that isn’t what the advert is actually saying but like I said, is gonna be forever known as the dating site that had an advert with a girl kissing a frog, and I think the imagery there is going to be hard to live down in the future, especially when it’s so gross and goes on way longer than necessary in the advert itself.

I don’t know if the frog itself is real or whatever. I mean you would assume it isn’t, especially considering how the woman is absolutely going for it with it, but then from one angle it is moving a little bit when she’s smooching it. I guess that stuff is easy enough to make a model of or whatever – even one that moves – but it looks gross and slimy enough to make you think that it might be an actual frog. Either way, the whole advert is seriously rank and it really makes me think what you actually need to be able to do to actually make it in advertising (except smoke a lot of cigarettes and be as cool as Don Draper) if this is some of the crap that they’re coming out with.

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Oh and the other huge mistake is that they call the video #frogkiss. Why the hell would you want that to be a hashtag that you’re associated with? I mean imagine if it trended worldwide or something and your dating company became synonymous with it for the rest of time? Granted, your online dating company probably wouldn’t have much time left if this happened because it would go out of business fairly soon but you see what I’m saying right?  I mean do these creative types ever think about what they’re trying to achieve? It’s just completely ridiculous and stupid from my perspective, as well as being completely gross. Although to be fair it doesn’t seem to have worked at all because if you search twitter for #frogkiss then you hardly get any results. Real successful campaign, guys.

Check it out below and get ready to be grossed out, and then check out this Asian Charm dating site review.

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