How To Be Tight


Every now and again we here at Sick Chirpse uncover something that’s been in the public domain for a while but deserves a wider audience. Case in point: How To Be Tight, a short series of videos courtesy of LA-based funny persons Magic Hugs. If you’re already aware of these fine young men and their equally fine videos then feel free to go back to your morning cup of coffee and ritual Facebook stalk. If you’re not, however, then congrats. You’re in for a treat.

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How To Be Tight is a so-accurate-it-hurts spoof of the avalanche of obnoxious macho cunts who are now the bread and butter of MTV and other dire reality TV hellholes. In it, your personal guide and fully tight megachillbro Chazz, armed with a v-neck and at least three sets of oversized Kanye shades, shows you how to be all chill, talk to chicks and own the tightest shit on the planet. Anyway, quit reading this shit like you’re some kind of faggot who’s all into words and books and shit PFFT! Check out this clip featuring the best Weezer interview you will ever see. Legit as balls, bro;

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If you have time (and I suspect you do) then be sure to check out the rest of the videos by Magic Hugs, it’s pretty funny stuff. I particularly recommend ‘Workout Guy’;

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