The House Of Cards Series Four Trailer Just Dropped And It’s Seriously Intense

Frank’s back.

This article features spoilers if you’re not up to date with House Of Cards, so just watch the trailer if that’s the case.

It’s been a fair few months since series 3 of House Of Cards dropped and although personally I don’t think it was really as good as the first two, it still left us with quite the cliffhanger as Claire decided to leave Frank. Where the hell was that gonna end up going?

Well, the trailer doesn’t really give us any answers because it’s just a monologue from Frank with a whole lot of sex, violence, bribery and people giving each other stern looks, but wherever it’s going it looks like it’s going to be as intense and entertaining as hell judging by this:

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The new series drops in its entirety on Netflix on March 4th. In the meantime make the most of your Netflix subscription by using these secret codes which give you access to absolutely everything.


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