These Secret Codes Give You Access To Absolutely Everything On Netflix


Netflix and chill – with all the options.

You might not know this, but depending on what country you’re viewing Netflix in, you’re only allowed to see a certain amount of movies. It’s also specifically tailored to your taste due to an algorithm that picks out programs and movies that it thinks you’ll like depending on what you’ve watched before.

Basically due to those two factors, you’re missing out on a lot of different movies and shows that you could be watching instead of just watching House of Cards or Breaking Bad again and again and again. But someone has figured out how you can get around this.

Basically every time you load up a screen on Netflix, it has a unique ID number, like 2578 or something. So basically you type in a different number there and you get a different name. Check it out:

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NetFlix URL

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Some geek (just kidding I’m thankful really) has gone through every single page and made a spreadsheet of the number that corresponds with every feature, and it’s accessible anywhere in the world. Obviously you can only use it on your computer which is a bit of a bummer, but still if you’re interested in the genres of movies like ‘Exciting Steven Segal Movies’, ‘Dark Foreign Gay & Lesbian Dramas’ or ‘Quirky Independent Biographical Movies’ then you might take the hit and put the PS4 away for the night. Check out the spreadsheet here.

Make sure you have the customised Netflix And Chill Button installed before you get started though.


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