These Are The Ten Most Horrific Fraternity Hazing Stories In History

Frat Hazing

Being made to swim in a pool of vomit, getting your testicles ripped off and being beaten so badly you die are just a couple of the horror stories here.

I think it’s fairly well known that the hazing techniques employed by fraternities to initiate new members are often completely bizarre, horrific and downright perverted, but I don’t think I have ever realised the extent of this until I watched the video below.

It details the ten most awful stories regarding them in history and they will make you question everything you know about humanity as they pretty much all involve what can only be described as torture. From people getting their testicles ripped off to actually dying as a result of them, you have to hear them to believe that they’re even real.

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Wow. That really is harrowing. I can’t believe stuff like that actually happened and is still happening to this day. Don’t people realise that joining a stupid fraternity totally isn’t worth going through any of that? I mean, is it worth risking death essentially just to hang out in a big house and drink beer and talk about girls you want to shag with a bunch of dumb bros all day?

I guess for some people it is, but even when the house looks like this I don’t think it would be something I would ever be interested in. The sooner this tradition stops the better, but with so many frat boys in positions of power in America, it sadly looks like it’s unlikely it will happen anytime soon. Matt’s Law is at least a step in the right direction though.


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