The Honest Trailer For Entourage Is Pretty Much On Point…

Seems accurate enough.

Entourage may have ran one or two series too long, but at its prime it was an absolute A+ show. Anyone who hated it either didn’t watch it or was taking it way too seriously. It was just a fun, unrealistic rollercoaster ride perfectly crammed into 25 minute episodes each time. Plus Johnny Drama has to be one of the most underrated and hilarious TV characters of all time, not to mention Ari Gold.

Will the movie take us back to the golden age of Entourage or will be a humongous flop? 50/50 I reckon. But the honest trailer may provide you with more realistic expectations:

Either way — we’re definitely going to see it. Need something to spruce up a little bit after watching these 10 horrific pieces of cinema.

Entourage drops June 19 in the UK.


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