Businessman Hires Homeless People To Queue For The New iPhone At Apple Store

This businessman hired a bunch of homeless people to buy him a bunch of brand new iPhones at the Apple store.

A super rich businessman hired over one hundred homeless people in California to wait inline outside of the Apple Store ready for the launch of the brand new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

The businessman promised pizza, cigarettes and $40 for these socially deprived victims to camp out overnight in hopes of getting vouchers to purchase two iPhones, the maximum allowed per person in line.

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Things didn’t quite go to plan though. Two homeless men are arrested for fighting, and another was detained under mental health laws after the police stepped in.

“Some people claimed they got paid their $40, but I didn’t get mine,” says one man offered the deal in the video clip below. “If [the rich guy] is a scam artist, then he should get what he deserves.”

Check out this interview with one of the homeless dudes (who is absolutely reeking of steez in that grey beard/lumber get up):

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