This Disturbing Holiday Photo Has People Convinced That Ghosts Are Real

Ghost picture

The most sinister Photobomb ever.

A teenage girl from the US was left “freaked out” recently after she spotted a mysterious ghost figure in her selfie.

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Haley Ogletree, 13, took the photo while out on a fishing trip with her grandparents. But after taking the picture, she discovered something sinister in the background.

Now normally when I see one of these “ghostly” pictures, most of the time it’s just a blur or flash of light. But in this case, the boy in the background is vivid. Weirdly, the family claim there was no one else with them on the trip and certainly not anyone standing by their car.

Here’s what Haley’s mum wrote on Facebook:

Closer look:

I don’t care if he’s “happy for him”. It’s creepy as fuck. Loads of commenters are speculating whether this is a reflection, but it just doesn’t seem to add up. I’m convinced that this is a ghost and ghosts are real and this is completely and utterly terrifying. End of.

To watch the moment a ghost freaks out restaurant staff by throwing a glass across the room, click HERE.


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