‘Hillary Clinton: Meme Queen’ Is The Weirdest Fucking Video On The Internet

Hillary Clinton Meme Queen

“I’ve got the dankest memes.”

It’s been nearly one year since the potential US president Hillary Clinton made a desperate attempt to win over millenials with a tweet asking them to summarise their feelings about student loan debt in ‘3 emojis or less’. Vomit.

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Although the campaign didn’t see much success, one positive that was a result of it was this weird parody video named ‘Hillary Clinton: Meme Queen 2016’.

This video rips the democratic nominee by having a fake Hillary demonstrate her comprehensive knowledge of 2016’s “dankest memes.” She fits in lot – can you spot them all?

Although the video is probably the most inspirational campaign pitch of the US presidential election so far, we’re yet to see it on any of the Republican websites or social media accounts. Come on guys, this could get you the young vote – it’s bound to be more successful than their AOL mail advertisement setup. 


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