Hillary Clinton Attempts To Appeal To Younger Voters By Advertising On AOL Mail Home Page

Hillary Clinton AOL Advert

Oh dear.

Hillary Clinton was the unparalleled loser after the New Hampshire Primaries on Monday, as Bernie Sanders demolished her in the Democrat vote and it was found that she didn’t really appeal to any demographic other than the over 64s.

You might think that this might influence her campaign tactics as she tries to go after any other demographic of people under this age group, but it seems like her immediate priority is to advertise on the homepage of AOL mail.

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Hillary Clinton

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I’m sure everyone realise this will probably not know one single person that still has an AOL email address. I think the only people that probably still do are really old people who have no idea about technology so just stuck with their first email address from when they first got the internet back in 1998. They’re probably still using dial up too.

10/10 for effort Hills, but I think you need to fire your marketing manager. And probably your internet guy too. Or better yet, just give up – you couldn’t get the nomination 8 years ago and it doesn’t look like it’s going any better this time, so you may as well just leave it and stop doing embarrassing things like this. Please.

Remember, aside from Hillary getting kicked in the polls, probably the most notable thing about the recent primaries was the fact that a pig turned up and tried to vote.


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