Hidenobu Suzuki Will Chill You Out More Than 800% With His Super Smooth Photos

If these photos don’t sooth you there’s something wrong with your brain.

I often find myself posting grim, gritty and grizzly photos up here, but today I plumped for the complete opposite. Hidenobu Suzuki is a Japanese amateur photographer with an eye for serenity and a penchant for peacefulness. Despite not being a pro photographer he’s won a load of NatGeo photo awards and as you’ll see in the slides below there’s something very special about his pictures. The images are of places that actually exist, obviously, but they may as well be in Peter Pan Fairy Dream Land or something.

This is what Suzuki says on his blurb:

My landscape photographs are like Japanese paintings. I think that realism is more Western style. Japanese like to express emotions and spiritual feelings through the landscape photography.
Contemporary theater, art and music stimulate the brain and increase mood. Emotional art heal people and leads the society to harmony. I took a challenge to capture emotions with my camera.
Using logical thinking at photography results in better attention to the detail, but there is a tendency to get bored. Working with feelings and looking for emotions is more relaxing.

So pour yourself a pint of your favourite drink, sit back in your comfiest comfy chair and let Hidenobu Suzuki take you to Princess Fairy Leprechaun Beauty World:

Hidenobu Suzuki - Stream

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