Here’s An Extremely Weird Glimpse Behind The Scenes Of A Japanese Cosplay Photo Shoots

Ever wondered how cosplay photographs appear so effortless and perfect?

We often cover Japanese stuff on Sick Chirpse, and I guess that’s just because, in a nutshell, stuff is different over there, really different. Just recently we covered a Japanese town infested with corpse-like scarecrows and some Japanese women cooking shrimps with flame throwers. And that’s all  within the last couple of months.

This series of pictures surfaced on Reddit and Imgur recently. They show Japanese cosplay models getting into position to have their photos taken. They aren’t necessarily laugh-out-loud funny but they really tickled me. I guess it’s just something you don’t see every day.

They’re a collection of pictures that show the effort (and daftness) involved in getting the perfect “effortless” looking scene shots. I’m sure this stuff goes on all the time in photo shoots and movies e.g. every time Tom Cruise has to stand next to a woman in a film, but for some reason I absolutely love these.

What do you reckon?:

Japanese perspective - Bikes 2

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