Here’s Why You Should Never Post Your Bikini Workout Video Before Checking It First (VIDEO)


Free the nipple.

A woman simply called ‘Mary’ decided to post a video of herself onto YouTube, showing the fitness instructor completing an underwater workout.

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I’m not really sure what her aim with this video was – although some publications are indicating that she was attempting to film an underwater aerobic session, it seems obvious to me that she was using the opportunity to show the world her nipples. Not that I’m complaining.

Regardless of the motive, the online community received the video delightfully. Before long (and with the help of a little bikini tug), the video shows Mary’s boobs start to slip out of her bikini top as she swims up and down the pool:

Whoa there cowboy – that was a proper eyeful. Mary even noticed the wardrobe malfunction herself to the point where she endearingly wrote an apology over the clip reading, “Sorry about the top. I will get it fixed.” No need Mary, I think your viewers are a fan.

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