Will Smith And Jazzy Jeff Finally Agree To Play Glastonbury

Photo of Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince

Boom shake shake shake the room.

There were rumours last year that Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff would be rocking the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury but these unfortunately didn’t come to fruition – this might be set to change in 2017 though.

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Jazzy Jeff was speaking to Bang Showbiz when he said the following;

We had interest in Glastonbury last year, whenever the decision comes down, I’m there.

The biggest part of us doing this [reunion] is the clearing of the schedule. I tour about 180 days out of the year but he makes movies so it’s more on his side of having to clear a schedule for us to be able to rehearse and go on the road.

Sometimes it gets a little hard with him being one of the biggest movie stars in the world to free up his time. He absolutely positively wants to do this; the funny thing is, he made the announcement before he even told me.

Well that sounds promising in that they at least want to do it ONE year. Maybe not next year, but considering Glastonbury is taking a break the year after then it’s probably going to be in their best interests to just get in there and do it.

Decisions, decisions – it must be so tough being Will Smith: shoot a completely sick movie or play Glastonbury, although I suppose he knows that Glastonbury will always wait around for him anyway and so will we. It literally doesn’t matter to him at all. What a position to be in.

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