Here’s The Trailer For The ‘She’s All That’ Reboot ‘He’s All That’

So woke.

I know that Hollywood is obsessed with reboots and remakes these days, but normally they’re at least rehashing a franchise or an iconic movie and whilst ‘She’s All That’ is well loved by fans of dumb 90s romantic comedies, I’m not sure if it really needed to be brought back for a new generation and gender flipped.

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Nevertheless, here we are and the Freddy Prinze Jr/Rachel Leigh Cook classic is being turned into ‘He’s All That’ and premiering on Netflix on August 27th. The plot is fairly similar to the original with TikTok superstar Addison Rae’s social media obsessed character finding out that her boyfriend is cheating on her whilst live-streaming and then deciding to ‘build her own boyfriend’ to get back at him and selecting your typical high school loner (Robby from ‘Cobra Kai’) for the task.

Crazily, he actually turns out to be kind of handsome when he slicks his hair back and crucially is also kind of funny and able to hold a conversation and talk about his feelings. Obviously he doesn’t take kindly to finding out that it was all a bet though and you can see where this is going, but I imagine they’re probably going to end up at the TikTok convention rather than the airport for the finale considering it’s 2021.

Anyway take a look at the trailer below:

Yeah, I can’t exactly say that I’m all over that but it might be kinda funny to watch it on a Sunday night when you’re hungover and not in the mood for anything too taxing. Dunno if I’m feeling that electro pop version of ‘Kiss Me’ though and if that’s indicative of the rest of the soundtrack I might have to turn it off. Cool that Rachel Leigh Cook shows up as the mom though, even if she has no relation to her original character. Gotta love that continuity.

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