Here’s Why Pseudo-Feminism Is The Biggest Pile Of Bullshit In The Modern World


We’re still living in the dark ages.

This world can be a pretty confusing place to live in and for a girl, shit can get even more so. We’re in an age where we claim to have gotten over the slave trade and severe racism endured during the 1930s, and yet there are still race wars breaking out on the streets of America and the UK.

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We also claim to have moved on from the time when a woman knew her place – making babies, cooking and cleaning or when it was perfectly acceptable for a business owner to advertise for a “young, slim, blonde secretary.” And in a sense we have moved closer to equality within the genders. But in place of the traditional view of man and woman, at a time when social media rules all and people are famous for simply being hot, the lines are becoming blurred and very confusing.

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There’s now an increasing amount of sexist ideals floating around that are still upheld in society today – only they are whitewashed with words such as “independent” and “empowerment”.

Thanks to (in-part at least) the female pop culture of the modern world and the supposed “role-models” who are favoured by a significant chunk of both the female and male population, the ideas of feminism have been replaced by a new sort of pseudo-feminism – someone who claims to be a feminist but ignores the significant points of this movement, while maintaining the right to be fit.

So what makes a real feminist? It is basically just a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of all the sexes. It is simply a range of movements and ideologies that share a common aim, which is to define establish and achieve equal salary and for both men and women to share the same cultural, personal and social rights as each other. Sounds simple right?

The problem is that in society today, those who call themselves “feminists” have completely misunderstood this message. Feminism is not ignoring the fact that men and women are different, because they are. If a man asks if I need help lifting a heavy suitcase up the stairs, this is not sexist. There’s not denying that men are, most of the time, built differently to women. In addition, it’s not sexist to make acceptations or adapt certain roles depending on the emotive state of each sex. Again, this is not in all cases, but mostly women are more emotionally sensitive – men and women have completely different hormones running around in their body. Yes, there are differences in the physiological sense, but in the eyes of a true feminist, they should have the same rights.

People are so unaware and afraid of the word ‘feminist’ that people steer away from identifying with it and in place is this new group of pseudo-feminists – people like Salma Hayek who stated that she wasn’t a feminist before accepting a Women’s Equality Award, or dumbasses like David Cameron who danced around the topic like a fat cat.

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Thanks to this fear of the word, and maybe a little bit to Kim Kardashian, people are coming out with bullshit such as Polly Vernon’s book ‘Hot Feminist’, where she claims to, “teach you everything you ever wanted to know about being a feminist when you care about how you look.” Oh do fuck off.

Female empowerment and hating dick does not make you a feminist. Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski getting their tits out in front of a mirror with their middle fingers stuck up is not feminism. It’s not even female empowerment. They aren’t telling the world that it’s OK for women to stand up and be brave and proud of their bodies – they’re showing off their physical assets because that’s all that they’re currently worth in their own eyes and the eyes of their fans.

Having said that, Piers Morgan slating them two was equally as ill-informed. By telling them to “try wearing a little dignity” and saying, “real classy” he was basically telling them to get back into their roles as “dignified women” and stop parading their nipples around like a pair of hippies. He sounded like the kind of guy who would slut shame his girlfriend for enjoying sex. “What!? Women aren’t supposed to actually have fun! They should keep it in their pants until they have sex with me, surely!”

In this case, both sides were missing the point.

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Even older 90s shows sparked this whole “sexual, empowered woman” bullshit. The amount of females who assumed that Carrie Bradshaw from ‘Sex and the City’ was the ultimate pillar of femmie power because she decided that men were all wankers and it’s far more exciting to have sex with a shoe – that show was utter bullshit.

Pseudo-feminists will bang on about how shit men are and how they don’t have to face social issues, which is a completely contradictory argument. The point of feminism is equality, not getting one up on the side that was once the oppressor. Speaking of which, disheartening, lipstick shit chat women’s mag Cosmopolitan made the ultimate blunder recently, which spells out the point I am trying to make here. That whole fucking magazine, as much as it’s obvious they don’t, tries to have a go at the objectification of women. It’s pretty much the supplement to this new-age female empowerment bullshit. But under the same breath, they published this atrocity in light of the upcoming Olympics:

Talk about ill-informed, although I’d expect nothing less from one of the most insulting women’s mags of all time.

Look, it’s really fucking simple people. Girls, you don’t need to look good or get your tits out to improve your self worth (although if that’s genuinely what you’re into then feel free). Guys, don’t fucking wolf-whistle at women in the street. It makes them feel worthless or at least it solidifies the idea that women are only useful for their exterior. Beyonce is not standing up for feminism, Rihanna is not either. If you like shit music then listen to it, but don’t think for a second that gyrating on a stage in barely any clothes sums up the ideals of feminism. Instead let’s look for social pressures to be lifted. Let’s not look down on a woman for not having children or following the status quo. Let’s fight until women do actually get paid equally to men. Let’s ensure that women around the world are given the right to vote and leave the house without the assistance of their husband. And let’s get rid of the mother fucking Kardashians already. They’ve done enough damage as it is.

We should all learn to be a little bit more like the darling Canadian present, Justin Trudeau. He pretty summed up why everyone should drop this whole pseudo-feminist OR sexist bullshit, put their hands up and finally understand that they should be a proper feminist. Why?



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