Here’s How To Watch The Surviving R Kelly Documentary Online

R Kelly

R. Kelly is such a creep.

For years and years and years, everyone has know that there’s something weird going on with R. Kelly in regards to all the young women that he’s constantly linked with and the accusations that he’s the head of some kind of mysterious and weird sex cult.

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There was a great BBC documentary released around this time last ear investigating the R & B singer and this has now been continued with the new Lifetime series ‘Surviving R. Kelly’. The show began last night and another episode will be broadcast both today and tomorrow on the US channel.

Unfortunately, there are no plans as of now to air the show in the UK and no easy way to stream it from the Lifetime website, but I’m sure that you’ll be able to find illegal streams of it on the internet somewhere if you look hard enough. In the meantime, there are a bunch of clips from it on the Lifetime YouTube channel, several of which I’ve embedded below – including interviews with women like Sparkle and Lisa Van Allen;

Yeah I mean I guess that doesn’t confirm anything that we don’t really know does it? R. Kelly is basically a master manipulator and a massive creep who doesn’t let his ‘girlfriends’ talk to anyone else. Fantastic. The daddy thing is a bit of a red flag as well isn’t it?

Gotta give the makers of this show props for convincing all these women to speak up about their experiences with Kelly too. Although like so many of these Hollywood stars, it really does beg the question of just how these guys haven’t been punished or arrested for the ways that they behave.

What these clips do do though is kind of make me want to watch more of the show. Hoping that it will end up over here at some point but if not I guess I’ll have to go digging on Couchtuner or Project Free TV or wherever anyone streams shows these days.

For more R. Kelly, check out this story about a 16 year old girl revealing the sexual abuse she received at the hands of him. Awful.


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