Here’s The First Epic Trailer To The New ‘Dune’ Movie


In a year where almost all of the big movies have been delayed, it looks like Denis Villeneuve’s new version of ‘Dune’ could end up being the major movie event of the year. I know some people are going to argue that that accolade already belongs to ‘Tenet’, but I’m going to assume that everyone saying that hasn’t actually seen ‘Tenet’ because anyone that has will know it makes no sense and pretty much sucks ass.

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Anyway, now that that’s out of the way we can concentrate on this ‘Dune’ trailer. I imagine most people at least know the vague plot of ‘Dune’ given that it’s already had a movie, TV series, book and video game series made based around it, but just in case you don’t it’s basically about a bunch of families having a war on some weird alien planet over a natural resource called spice. There are also some giant sand worms and shit.

Take a look at the trailer and see what you think:

Yeah, I suppose that doesn’t really tell us much of what’s going on in it and it’s kinda lame we don’t see the worm in its full glory, but at least everyone looks ridiculously attractive in it, right? That’s the main thing.

Not really sure if this is going to be any good as Dune has been described as unnecessarily complicated and inherently unfilmable in the past, so it’ll be interesting to see what Villeneuve comes up with when it’s released just before Christmas this year. A sequel is already in the works apparently, so it sounds like people in the right places have been liking what he’s been doing at least.

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