This Man Built A Bomb To Warn People About Aliens Who Plan To Destroy The Planet

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A man who was just trying to be a good Samaritan planted a homemade bomb inside a Pennsylvania hotel and claimed it was a warning that aliens will destroy the planet if humans didn’t “start being good people.”

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David Oxenrider, 29, was taken into custody by state troopers after they responded to the scene at the Bahney House in Myerstown.

According to Fox News, David told investigators he had encountered aliens and a UFO in 2014, with the aliens telling him:

Humans need to start being good people, or else they are going to destroy the Earth with a nuclear laser beam.

Uh huh. The 29-year-old complained that whenever he tells people about the aliens, they tell him he’s “crazy” in return. So he built and planted the bomb to let everyone know he was being serious.

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Has anyone considered that David might be onto something? He’s been telling people about the impending alien invasion since 2014 when he met those aliens and for some reason NOBODY is listening to him. Like he says we need the whole planet to start being good people otherwise the aliens are going to show up and nuke us all with their giant laser beam.

OK maybe he’s just seen a few too many sci-fi films because this whole thing just sounds like the plot from Independence Day, minus the part about planting a bomb inside a hotel to warn everybody. But, dare I say, it kinda worked? David’s face and warnings about aliens are all over the internet right now, but unfortunately he also got arrested and everyone thinks he’s crazy so I guess it’s a good news/bad news situation as far as he’s concerned. 

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