Here’s Another Video Of An Anti-Masker Karen Ranting About Her Civil Rights In A Nail Salon

One more time.

Even with the number of Coronavirus cases increasing and governments doubling down on ramming it home to people that wearing a mask does actually help stop the spread of the virus, it seems like some people are still desperately out there moaning about it and explaining to everyone how being forced to wear one is gravely affecting their civil rights.

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The latest Karen to be filmed doing this is going crazy in her local nail salon in Phoenix, Arizona after being told that she has to put her mask on or leave by the staff. Obviously she isn’t putting her mask on, so instead decides to go on a massive tirade about how it’s undemocratic that she’s being forced to wear one.

Not really sure if enjoy is the right word, but take a look at this regardless:

Jesus. I know I keep asking this but wtf is wrong with people that they have to go off on one like this when they’re just being asked to wear a mask for a few minutes whilst they’re getting their nails done? The reactions are beyond ridiculous, but it doesn’t look like they’re ever going to stop given the volume of videos we’ve posted over the last couple of months.

I guess it’s kind of funny but I just wish people would get a clue and shut up about it all and you know, help prevent the spread of the virus. Would really help the situation, you know?

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