Here’s An Alligator Trying To Ring A Doorbell (VIDEO)

Alligator Trying To Ring Doorbell

Even worse than a Jehovah’s Witness.

A lot of the time when the doorbell rings and you’re not expecting it, it’s definitely not anyone you want to see. I think I would prefer a Mormon or someone trying to sell me something to a fucking alligator at my front door though.

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That’s what happened in Moncks Corner, South Carolina on Monday though as an alligator was filmed trying to ring the doorbell at the house of Jamie Bailey. Fortunately, she was at work whilst the alligator was trying to get into her house although she did notice the scratches on her doorframe afterwards.

The guy who filmed it George Scott said the alligator slipped and slid around the neighbourhood for about half an hour after this incident before returning back to the creek. They’re not exactly uncommon to see crawling around out of water in the area at this time of year, it’s just that having one come to your door is probably slightly disconcerting.

Yeah definitely don’t want to be opening the door on that. However, nowhere near as scary as this giant snake that learned to actually open doors itself. The end is nigh.


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