Here’s A Documentary About A 15 Year Old Boy Who Openly Injects Steroids

15 Year Old Steroids

He’s obsessed with having the perfect physique.

Meet BigNattyDaddy – the natty is short for natural and used in an ironic sense. He’s a 15 year old American kid who’s so obsessed with bodybuilding and obtaining the perfect physique that he openly injects anabolic steroids and posts about it on his social media accounts. No shame among teenagers today eh?

BBC Three was so fascinated by this kid’s story and obsession that they decided to follow him around for a bit and find out what makes him tick and why he’s so into using steroids to achieve what he thinks is the perfect body. The documentary is pretty shocking to be honest, especially as the guy says he hopes he dies before he turns 40 and doesn’t really give a fuck about what steroids do to his body long term as long as he looks ‘good’ now:

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Bodybuilding huh? I don’t think I’ll ever understand people who want to look like that, especially those people who want to inject stuff that is clearly bad for them into their bodies in order to achieve it. Body image issues, right? It’s completely messed up.

At least he isn’t using steroids AND synthol like this dumbass Iraqi bodybuilder. He does not look good.


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