Hereditary Has Been Scientifically Proven As The Scariest Horror Film Of The Year



Horror movies are by far and away the best movies out there, but I’ve got to say that Hereditary sits head and shoulders above anything else I’ve seen recently as one of the best examples of the genre in recent years. Yeah, even better than A Quiet Place.

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If you didn’t manage to catch it yet then I would recommend going to see it without any knowledge of what it was about or what was going on immediately. I’m not gonna put any spoilers in this article so you can read on without fear, although I will reveal that it’s absolutely terrifying and apparently there are some stats now to back that up as well.

The film’s distributor A24 decided to try and gauge the level of terror during the movie though and came up with this pretty frightening study: they gave 20 audience members Apple Watches and measured their heart rate throughout the movie. Here’s what they found out:

OK, that might not mean much to you straight away, but when you think that the healthy resting heartbeat is between 60 and 80bpm then the fact that it spiked to 165bpms is pretty damn crazy. Basically if you like being scared go and see Hereditary and if you don’t, steer well clear of it.

For more horror movies, check out this latest offering from Netflix. Looks very, very scary.


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