US Special Forces Release This Intense Footage Showing Their Raid On ISIS Militants

US Raid ISIS Prison

Killstreak 20.

You might think you’re pretty shit hot on Call Of Duty, but could you handle the real thing?

I’ve never been anywhere near the front line but this video below gives you a pretty good of what it’s like. It’s the helmet cam of a US soldier embarking on a raid on an ISIS prison and it’s intense as hell.

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Jesus. This operation was led by Kurdistan’s Counter Terrorism Unit and was assisted by the US Special Forces. During the raid the troops were able to save 69 prisoners and kill 20 ISIS militants, which actually sounds like a pretty significant operation that has hopefully made a massive dent on those pricks’ plans.

Unfortunately, one American officer named Joshua L. Wheeler was killed during the course of the operation. RIP. But at least he’s the only officer to have died in the area since the US officially pulled out of Iraq in 2011. Hopefully between this and ISIS suicide bombers blowing up their entire platoons by accident we’ll have sorted them out sooner rather than later.


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