Hell’s Club Returns With Another Awesome Mash Up Of Film Characters Killing Each Other

Hell's Club

One of the best mash ups ever just got an even better sequel.

Hell’s Club was one of the best movie mash ups in history and now the genius behind it has decided to bless us with a sequel that is even better.

If you missed the first one then the ‘plot’ basically revolves around some weird night club where all your favourite movie characters go to drink and party with each other, and ultimately end up fighting with each other and kicking the crap out of each other. The guy who made it would snap the scenes from movies where the characters were in clubs and mash them all up together to create some vague semblance of a plot that actually came together to work really well.

The sequel is more of the same with appearances from Blade, C3P0, Axl Foley, Austin Powers, Robocop, and many many more, only this time it’s even longer, clocking in at just under 20 minutes.

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Well yeah, it’s no surprise that the night ended in violence and fighting is it, although I didn’t expect a full on alien invasion when I started watching it. I guess you never can tell what’s going to go down in Hell’s Club though can you? Excited for part three now.

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