Helicopter Filming Sports Event Accidentally Spots Rooftop Cannabis Farm

cannabis farm


This week marks the final days of this year’s Vuelta a Espana cycling race, an event where you can expect dozens of pro riders and thousands of cycling fans flocking to areas of Spain, Andorra and France to experience one of the biggest races of its kind.

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What you don’t expect to see is a massive drugs bust. And yet that’s exactly what happened this week when a helicopter stumbled across a cannabis plantation.

The vehicle was filming a birds-eye view of the race over in Igualada, north-west of Barcelona, when it captured the weed farm on a roof terrace.

After alerting the local police force, Mossos d’Esquadra, officers raided the building where they found 40 marijuana plants.

You could say that the pilots grassed the farmers up (pun fully intended), although they haven’t been able to determine the culprits as the terrace isn’t linked to any of the flats.

A Mossos d’Esquadra spokeswoman said:

We received information via social media that there was a marijuana plantation on the roof of a block of flats in Igualada.

We began an investigation, which is still under way, and we have seized 40 plants. For the moment, there have been no arrests.

Even if they do catch them, in Barcelona marijuana is legal for personal use. All the growers would have to do is convince the police that it’s their own persy stash and they’ll walk free.

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