A Cannabis Farm Has Been Found In A Police Station In Oldham

The bong arm of the law.

Cannabis farms are located all over the country behind closed doors, but you always think that they’re located in some old cottage in a rural community in the middle of nowhere.

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Sometimes it’s better to throw everyone for a curve ball though and set up where you would literally least suspect like the people in this story, who thought nobody would ever catch them if they shopped up at Failsworth Police Station in Oldham. The police station wasn’t actually in use at the time because government cuts meant that Oldham’s Neighbourhood Policing Team was shut down, enabling the farmers to break in and start farming weed in it.

Unfortunately for them though, some passing officers were walking past it the other day and noticed that it was unsecured and decided to check it out. Obviously they were pretty surprised to discover over 1000 cannabis plants in there. Here’s what the official statement on the matter said via Facebook:

I mean that is a bit embarrassing isn’t it? You can imagine the drug barons rubbing their hands with glee at the thought that they’re using an old police station for their operation, and it looks like somehow they managed to move it before the cops even found them this time as well. Just sounds completely and utterly inept on their behalf really, but what do you expect from the police force in this country really?

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