VIDEO: Heineken Prank Irish People By Inviting Them To A Closed Audition, Then Making Them Perform In Front Of A Huge Audience

Heineken Stage Fright

These Irish guys thought they were going to a closed audition, but at the last minute find out they’ll be showcasing their skills in front of a huge audience – will they rise to the occasion or chicken out?

Heineken really pranked these Irish people good and proper this week. They advertised a closed audition for people with ‘unique talents’ – think ice sculpting with chainsaws, solving a Rubik’s cube with a blindfold on, escaping from a strait jacket, bending spoons etc – but then at the last minute, dropped the unsuspecting Irish people straight into the middle of a huge audience and filmed the whole thing for our viewing pleasure. Would the Irish sink or swim? Check out the video below to find out:

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As you saw, all of those auditioning managed to rise to the occasion and completely nailed their special skills at the audition, despite the fact they were obviously bricking it when it was revealed that they were actually performing in front of a massive audience rather than just a single camera.

That takes a lot of guts, so you’ve got to give them props for that – especially as the Irish are notoriously shy. It’s also a pretty sick get from Heineken, as even though it probably messed them up massively when they saw the audience, they all got through it and came through the other side, which is only going to make them feel like absolute sickheads.

If anything, it proves that all of these guys are legends in their chosen skills as they were able to bust them out in front of a whole bunch of people under the most intense pressure they could possibly imagine with absolutely no preparation. It just goes to show that everyone has a legend inside of them somewhere – you’ve just got to realise how to get it out.

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