Heineken’s Job Interview You Can’t Prepare For

Heineken The Candidate 1

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat 1734 other applicants to an internship with Dutch brewers, Heineken?

On average, 73 graduates compete for each job opportunity in London. This number can be as high as 154 for investment banking positions (but who wants to do that anyway… right?). ‘Top employers’ are even filtering out everyone without a first-class degree.

Heineken The Candidate 2

Heineken are fed up with this saturated graduate job market, so they’ve come up with a new solution — see how candidates cope with a series of unusual ‘tests’. Tests that you just can’t prepare for:

Test One

The interviewer holds the candidate’s hand escorting them to the interview room. He then asks, “so you liked it when we were walking hand in hand” to kick things off.

Test Two

The interviewer collapses on the floor — how would you react?

Test Three

There’s a fire and you’ve got to escape sharpish. Once you’re out, some dude’s trapped on the roof and the firemen need a hand saving him. If you pass all of these tests then the internship at Heineken is yours!

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