Family Shock Son By Including His Cat As ‘Extra’ When Selling Their House

Heartless Couple Sell Home; Throw In Son's Cat


What would you do if you were selling your multi million dollar home but the buyer would only agree to the sale if you threw in your son’s cat as well? This Australian couple decided that it was probably worth it for an extra $140,000 and the death of their relationship with their 19 year old son Sam. It’s almost as ridiculous as the man willing to sell his house for an iPhone 6.

Th exchange initially began as a joke when the Percevals were showing the potential buyer around the house and their son completely fell in love with Tiffany. The Percevals joked that they would be able to sell the cat along with the house because she already thought that the property belonged to her. Unfortunately, the bidder took this seriously and refused to sign the papers unless the cat was included in the $2.2 million deal.

The family’s real estate agent explained the deal:

The buyer wouldn’t sign the contract unless he got the cat, so as far as I’m concerned, he can have the cat.

Fran Perceval on the other hand didn’t seem too bummed out about losing the cat – maybe because they also own two dogs, two rabbits and a fish, although no news on much they would accept for any of them – and was actually pretty stoked to announce to reporters that Tiffany was now the most expensive cat in Australia. She also explained how she was dealing with the fallout with Sam:

We’re thinking we’ll put $20,000 in a pile next to the cat and say to Sam: you choose. 

I’m not even sure how that makes sense but it sounds cold as hell. I guess money talks in Australia, or wherever you’re from. Not sure if this would have been a problem if Tiffany had been like Garfi – the angriest cat in the world – though.


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