A Heartbroken Aston Villa Fan Has Filmed Himself Blowtorching Jack Grealish’s Shirt

Football fans are the worst.

I love watching football matches and everything about football, but some football fans out there are the absolute worst and this video has proved that fact yet again.

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Jack Grealish’s proposed £100 million move to Manchester City from Aston Villa has been one of the main transfer topics of the summer and it looks like he’ll be leaving many Villa fans heartbroken tomorrow when he finally completes the move and leaves his hometown club after eight seasons. Most Villa fans would be a bit gutted about this but will respect the fact that he’s moved on for the chance to win the trophies that his talent deserves, as well as leaving the club with a massive amount of money to spend on replacing him, but there are obviously a few out there who are complaining about how he’s betrayed the club and absolutely hate him now.

This is exemplified by the fan in the video below who has decided to blowtorch his Villa shirt with Grealish’s name on and record it and upload it to the internet:

Jesus what is wrong with people hey? I get that it’s annoying when your best player leaves but it’s not like he’s been a dickhead about it and refused to train or anything and he’s pretty much guaranteed to win a trophy if he goes to City – maybe even as early as this Sunday with the Charity Shield coming up – so can you really blame the guy? Calm down and get a hobby or something. That’s just the way football goes.

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