Here’s A Heartbreaking Coronavirus Thread Explaining Why You Need To Wear A Mask

Very sad.

It’s been just over a year since the first case of Coronavirus was discovered and it looks like the whole situation is going to go on until at least Easter IF we’re lucky, but people are still out there questioning whether it’s necessary to wear a mask.

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I still find the situation bizarre – even if you don’t think masks are useful/necessary, is it so hard to whack one on for 15 minutes whilst you’re in the supermarket or on a bus? – but this thread is currently going viral on Twitter and explains why it’s so important to wear a mask in heartbreaking fashion. It really is a tearjerker so get ready:

Damn. RIP to her dad.

I know people are probably going to question whether or not this is real or whether or not her sister in law wearing a mask made a difference, but I gotta ask these people why she would spend so much time writing out this thread in explicit detail if this hadn’t happened to her and she wasn’t trying to use her pain to help other people and improve the situation? I guess you can argue that it might be a conspiracy thread commissioned by the left wing fake news media, but does anyone really think that’s what’s going on here? Really?

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