Have You Ever Watched A Drunk Raccoon Stumble Around A Warehouse?

This raccoon knows how to party.

I must admit that before today I had never witnessed a drunk raccoon. It’s not something I was too concerned about missing out on, but now that I’ve seen it I can tell you that I am honestly glad to have finally witnessed it. We’ve all seen videos of children watching raccoons get jiggy, and we’ve seen cats getting jacked by raccoons. But a drunk one? Well, that’s new for me.

There’s not much of a backstory to this clip; some guy goes into a warehouse, sees some busted boxes and empty bottles and then notices a staggering around, drunk out of his mind raccoon. Simple as that.

Check this drunkard out:


Drunk Bloke Takes A Dump In A Travelodge

Little Old Russian Dude Knocks Out Two Drunks

Drunk Idiot In Las Vegas Starts A Fight And Gets Knocked Out Twice

Absolutely hammered.



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