Katie Price Reveals Son Harvey Steals Frozen Pizzas And Eats Them Raw In Desperate Search For Food


Ever since Harvey Price uttered the famous words ‘hello you c-nts’ on Loose Women years ago, he’s been considered a bit of a legend as well as, unfortunately, becoming an easy target for trolls to meme into oblivion.

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Well Harvey has gone viral once again this week as mum Katie Price discussed the extent of his recent weight gain which has seen 18-year-old Harvey almost hit 29 stone (!).

Katie told The Sun that Harvey gets so hungry that he steals frozen pizzas out of the freezer and eats them raw.

I tell him he’ll die and he says, ‘No, don’t be silly, Mummy’s only joking’.

He doesn’t understand. He’s always been a big boy, always been chubby, but now it’s ridiculous.

His clothes are 7XL, there are only two shops on the internet where I can get clothes for him.

He walks up the stairs and he’s sweating and out of breath.

Yikes. That doesn’t sound good. She continued:

I’m really upset and worried about Harvey’s weight because now it’s on, the damage is done.

People say to me, ‘Why don’t you just not let him eat?’ but they don’t understand.

He’ll smash things or headbutt the walls if I say no to him.

Autistic Harvey struggles with an excessive appetite because of genetic condition Prader-Willi Syndrome, which makes those affected become constantly hungry and often leads to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

It’s a cruel illness. He feels hungry all the time.

Every time I feed him, it’s killing him.

Even though it makes him happy, it’s cruel of me to do it.

Man, you’ve got to feel for Katie Price. She’s had to bring up Harvey alone after being abandoned by his deadbeat dad Dwight Yorke, and with his conditions he’s a handful even at 18. I’m sure she’s thought about bariatric surgery or a gastric band or some kind of weight-loss procedure that could help him out, seeing as she’s so keen on surgery in general, but who knows? Maybe his condition means that isn’t an option either.

So yeah, as amusing as the thought of Harvey Price raiding a fridge and munching on frozen pizzas is, it’s actually a really sad situation at the end of the day. Here’s hoping there’s some treatment out there they’ve yet to try that could put Harvey on the right track to living a healthier lifestyle.

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