Harry Redknapp’s Twitter Q&A Predictably Trolled

Harry Redknapp Twitter

Whoever at QPR thought it was a good idea for Harry Redknapp to do a Twitter Q & A session is obviously a complete moron.

QPR manager Harry Redknapp took to Twitter today to perform a Q & A session and as you would expect given his image as a wheeler dealer geezer there was a high amount of trolling, perhaps even more than the usual amount that celebrities get when they take to Twitter to take part in these sessions. The guy trawling through them to find a genuinely serious question probably deserves to be paid overtime because he had to go through so many useless tweets to find ones that were actually worth asking.

We’re not interested in the ones worth asking though, we’re only interested in the banter. Here’s some of the best tweets from #AskHarry, mainly looking at the dumb ones and not all the ones calling him a fat wanker, although we have included a couple of those just for lolz obviously.

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