VIDEO: Hacked 3D Printers Turn Robots Into Tattoo Artists

Hacked 3D Printer Tattoo

It’s undeniable that 3D printing is one of the most important technological developments or recent times, but this latest move could be a real game changer.

This dude called Antoine Goupille recently got tattooed, but it was a little different to your conventional tattoo in that the tattoo was performed by a robot. Antoine modified a 3D printer to achieve this and it’s possible that he might be the first person to ever receive a tattoo from a robot. Remember that for a pub quiz in 2042.

Of course, the tattoo is pretty lame – it’s just a simple circle on his arm and not some kind of epic sprawling back piece with a bunch of colours, shades and parts – but it’s still indicative of the fact that a robot can now perform a tattoo and the fact of the matter is that the way technology seems to develop super quickly now then it probably won’t be too long until a robot can do a completely sick back piece for you. And then you’ll remember the name of Antoine Goupille.

Check out a video about the process and tattoo below. If you’re a young tattoo artist, maybe start getting slightly worried.

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