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After having his identity confused with LostProphets singer and paedophile Ian Watkins, H from Steps is now being accused of everything.

You might remember last week that there was a massive screwup over at E Entertainment Online where instead of using a picture of Ian Watkins in an article about his pleading guilty to being a paedophile, they accidentally used a picture of H from Steps because his name is apparently Ian Watkins too. Somebody probably got fired over that, but for everyone else it provided a whole lot of LOLZ. There were also a bunch of idiots who targeted H on Twitter and Facebook, even though it quite clearly wasn’t him who was involved in this business, which just really goes to show how dumb most people actually are.

One tumblr has taken that ball and run with this though, and have decided to accuse H of everything wrong that people are doing at the moment by pasting pictures of him on current news stories instead of the correct ones. It shouldn’t really be that funny but it really, really is. Unlucky H mate.

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